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About me



I am an enthusiastic reader interested in topics ranging from globalization, personal development, technology and environment. I write about the books that I read, the ones that I plan to write and about things I consider important.
I have a big backlog of what I plan to read, hopefully I will get to it at a proper pace. I also plan on publishing in the near future, with themes that touch on the books that inspire me.
Feel free to drop a comment, an email or anything you like at zach@zachbaynes.com
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I am currently reading a lot about food systems, sustainable agriculture and fishing practices. Why we eat what we eat, what does it mean for society and what does it mean for the environment.

Personal development

Negotiation, sales, strategy and marketing are things that are interesting to me. Some things apply to startup type of environments, some of them are mostly for personal growth in different areas.

Globalization and economics

This is a key issue on the agenda of many people and states. It captures many topics, from anthropology and history of trade to public policy andĀ economic development.



I mostly read non-fiction nowadays, but I binge on some fiction books from time to time.

Publishing - fiction

I intend to publish at least a couple of books this year. Some of them in the drama category, some of them sci-fi.

Articles and notes

I like to connect the dots, sometimes between articles and sometimes between topics. This website will have a section with my notes on things that I find interesting.